Mary is a mother of Blake. Her smile is very pretty. I met her last year for the first time.
When I stayed Blake’s house. She talked to me carefully and clearly. Her words was always as a textbook so I was able to learn from her.








I was so pleased with having her in Japan again. We went to Imperial Palace and Kabukiza, which became my unforgettable memory.
I wish I want to give her my best to guide with my poor English but I can’t. She tried to understand my English.

I was very mortified.








She knows I’ll travel around the world. She said to me that If you come to San Diego again, you are always welcome and you can stay my house. She also said to me that many people want to do it, but there are few people doing it, but you do it. You have brave heart.








She gave me a strong heart.
I wish her be well forever.
I promise you that I will speak English fluently.









Thank you very very much Mary.

PS: This is my first blog with English. I asked Shoko who is my one of best fried. She teach me how to write these sentence. I was not able to write this blog without her help. Thank you Mogimogi.



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