Mourning to teacher JOY

IMG_3299Teacher JOY was one of my favorite teachers in EB in the Philippines. She thought me Callan method. I had very bad response to question that studied in the Philippines. She practiced the response to me repeatedly and patiently.The lesson with her was very great. It is repetition of a simple question. I was totally like the child. Is this a pencil? I was not able to answer even question well.

I felt irritation for oneself who was not answered for a simple question. However, She waited for me until I was answered. I practiced hard to repay her effort.
When I suffered, she worried very much. She was known for the reputation from a student as a strict teacher.However, I realized her splendor. This is because she wrestled with the student who can not speak English in a boring lesson seriously for two hours When a lesson with her was over, I have been really tired. It felt that a soul had totally fallen out. Teacher Manel asked me”Are you all right?” in her lesson every time. Manel was worried about me.

She got a sick and she felt a pain from those days. She came to cancel a lesson. I got a informed of that I had to change a teacher from a school. I wanted to show her result in the last lesson. She was pleased very much at time when the last lesson was over. And she said. You are one who made an effort among students most of me.

I did not know what should I say. I felt deep sorrow. I will never forget her and her lessons. She can not feel a pain anymore.

May JOY rest in peace.



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