San Fransisco!

imageI crossed Nevada in a day. This is because I was going to visit Peter’s house in the suburbs of San Francisco the next day. I met him on the trip to the Alaska ferry in Skagway. He is the good-looking man who resembles Clint Eastwood when he wears sunglasses. It was said that I should stop by if I came to California when I sent the photograph which we took together by an email. In his house, a plaything overflows at a garage and is like the secret base of his boy.

imageThree dogs jumped out from a house and received a warm welcome. He works for the railroad company in San Francisco and retired last year. He enjoys motorcycles, and fishing. I was exhausted and he recommended a shower.



image image image





After having fully bathed in hot water, he took me to the meal. In California, agriculture is prosperous, and the fruit such as grapes, a hop, dairy farming, poultry farming are quite famous. I ate delicious chicken at the restaurant which was popular among the local people of the town called Sonoma and drank craft beer. I came back to his house and spoke to his wife and a son which was fun. They prepared a soft bed. I fell asleep in no time.

image image





imageI ate plentiful fruit and coffee at the next days breakfast. He guided me through San Francisco. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge by car and left the car at the parking lot. He said that we had walked today and had begun to walk towards town. We climbed the slope through the yacht harbor. I looked at Alcatraz Island. Because Alphonso Capone was confined in prison, Alcatraz is famous. I remembered a movie called the escape from Alcatraz of Clint Eastwood.






We got off in a terminal. The stone buildings were crowded in a line. It no longer looks like a european town. There are a lot of tourists. I heard many words. I saw a baseball field when I walked a little, home ground of San Francisco Giants, Bell park Stadium.
image imageimage





A lunch. Peter took me to a small witty restaurant. I ordered a hamburger and beer here. The beer is watermelon flavor. Though it is a strange taste to accept for the first time, it is very delicious. You must order all the hamburger from how to grill pate to a garnish. The good-looking guy from the counter spoke too fast, and he could not be understood. Peter helped me. Though I finished an order here, he cheered it up when Hideki was all right. The onion which fried adds sweetness and is very delicious.

imageimage image






Though it is noon, the local people enjoy drinking beer. We came back to the town by train. The cable car has a great line. Peter said to walk. And I have begun to climb the slope. I thought climbing the slope was hard. Peter got on a cable car suddenly at the next stop. As is expected, the wisdom of the local person is different. We got to Fisherman’s Wharf. Peter explained that it was for tourists here, and everything was expensive. He had a special restaurant planned for dinner.

imageimage image






image image image










It does not seem that the Golden Gate Bridge is filled with fog. I wondered why the fog did not clear though wind was so strong. Surely there are temperature differences between the air and water, and fog will be made steady.
I enter the restaurant toward the other side of the bridge. They gave wine while we waited. I ordered the saute of tuna and the clam soup. As for the soup, a clam is flesh. texture shows freshness. Half cooked tuna is so nice. The wasabi butter is also good. I understood that I could not find easily.

image image image image image image










I wanted to compliment the waitress, and used a dictionary to look up what to say, but I could not remember the sentence.

Peter said “People come here to eat. You can tell them I said so.” That was the first time I heard that expression. I remember when I learn with experience in this way. I have a hard time because there are a lot of English expressions and I need to learn a sense of how to use them.

I was able to enjoy San Francisco sightseeing. I was able to enjoy a trip that would have been hardly possible without his guidance. Peter reserved the hostel Yosemite and lighthouse. Both hostels are cheaply and very wonderful hotels.



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