imageI will leave tomorrow.
My departure was late, I was not able to reserve the ticket of the ferry. Still I intend to go to the ferry platform.
I want to go to Sitka by all means. I believe my luck.

All of windbell saw me off. It became the start of an unforgettable trip for me.


imageMinor-san saw me off, too. I felt me to be slightly lonely. Because there was her, I felt me to be very stouthearted.




imageimageNoguchi-san held a farewell party, too. He was the person who knew the way of enjoying lives. I learned a lot from him.



English that I studied in the Philippines was helpful. Your student does his/her best、Aris, Manel, Karen thank you.

I have only nervousness now. But the courage to embark on does not forget new one step.

imagelet’s start new life.



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