What is the most important thing in ENGLISH? 今日も英語の記事に挑戦

I thought that this trip was finished. I took a walk after a meal. I met a woman in front of a small massage shop on alley. “Can I take some pictures?” She accepted my offer. When I finished to took pictures, she told me “to sit down on a chair”. She could speak English. Probably it will be a level same as me. She was talking about her store, this town, economy and a Russian visitor. I also talked about going to the trip after studied English in the Philippines.

She sometimes hands her smartphone to me. She used a translator. When she didn’t understand what I said, she use it into Thai in it. I asked her how she studied English. She said, she practiced the conversation with foreign friends in SNS.
The boy runs toward us. After talked with her, she was angry and said to him “say hello to Mr”. I asked her “your son?” She said “Yes, my baby “. Then she tweet that worry about my baby because he never studies.

She continues it. “There is the woman who married a Japanese near here. She worked in Japan for 20 years. She is a rich person now.” Her sentence were short and fixed pattern. But It’s easy for me to understand. I have listened attentively to her story. If she is sometimes held up, she find different way of speaking. I was attracted by her way of speaking. The conversation continued. I would talk very naturally for around one hour.

Actually, enjoyed a conversation in English at then. Even though we didn’t use Thai and Japanese. Then our conversation never runs out. The reason was the abundance of her topic. She talks about obediently with herself. I felt that she teach me which seemed to does the conversation in this way. I just focused about grammar without feeling a conversation when I interview someone for one week. I knew why I couldn’t talk well. Karen said, “to be feel English”. Alice said “don’t think too much “. I feel like at last having understood the meaning.

This morning, I asked a person “where is a bus stop to Bangkok.” He said, “There isn’t a bus going to the bus stop to Bangkok”. “You should use a taxi.”“ You can go there around 200 baht”. I had begun to walk among the street for look for a taxi. A minibus cames over from the other side. Nobody gets on a bus. I asked bus driver. He said, “this bus doesn’t go there”. I usually give it up. But I said honestly, “I’m in trouble.” Then he said, I takes you there by this bus. The fee is 200 baht. The taxi also came over from the other side, and then the taxi driver asked me”where are you want to go to?

I compered both drivers, then I said toward minibus driver “ please take me there”. He said with a smile “ take the bus”. I think about minibus will be what luxurious for only me. My feeling was bright while under the sunlight and hot wind. A white people who rode a rental motorcycle gets closer to bus. We had a smile each other. He said when he lined up side “Why do you get bus alone?” I answered it, “this bus is like my taxi!”. He asked again, “there is such a thing how”. I cried it “,just ask! that’s it” with a loud voice. He put up a hand with smile and turned towards a town. I felt English at then.


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